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Salmon Processing Machine (Deheading & Gutting)
Salmon Deheading & Gutting Line CHVF-1(L, R, SR)   Specification Photo …
Name: 최고관리자  |  Date: 2017-03-20  |  Hit: 906
Double Head Type Injector
Double Head Type Injector CHSIJ-1000  CHARACTER  Two injection heads make a high productivity.   Needle set can be separate…
Name: 최고관리자  |  Date: 2014-06-09  |  Hit: 1983
Salmon Filleting Machine
Salmon Filleting Machine CHSF-1    CHARACTER  The machine can completely romove the center bones and belly bones. &n…
Name: 최고관리자  |  Date: 2014-06-09  |  Hit: 2290
Center Cutter & Fillet combining Machine
Center Cutter & Fillet combining Machine CHCC-320    CHARACTER  This machine can process the raw materials which are in …
Name: 최고관리자  |  Date: 2014-06-09  |  Hit: 2152
Pin Bone Remover
Pin Bone Remover CHPB-2    CHARACTER  Simply load Fillets such as Salmon, Trout and Smoked Fillet onto the conveyor, then the machine rem…
Name: 최고관리자  |  Date: 2014-06-09  |  Hit: 2233
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