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  De-oil Machine
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De-oil Machine

 It is suitable for large size of frying lines such as Fish cake lines and fryiung snacks lines.
 Oil on fried snacks and Fish cakes from cooking kettle are separated on the conveying belt which has a strong absoption force and ils which are absorbed on the belt are separated by pressing and inhalation of vacuming syste.
 The machine can operate the large volume consecutively.
 Remnants and other residuals on the velt can be removed completely by inhalation system, so you can get gooe quzlity of fish cakes and snacks.
 Separted oils are collected at the inhalation tank and its are refined between residuals and reusable oils.The oil formthis procedure are supplied to the Fying cooking kettle and it can be use again.
 You can detach the belt without using any tools, so it is very much easy to clean the belt and it is bery sanitized. It also can be suitable to adopt HACCP


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