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  MID size Frying Machine
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MID size Frying Machine
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 Infrared Heater heats to the frying materials directly, so it can be cooked under relatively lower temperature.(Same principal with Micro Waiver)
There will be no any risks from Food Poisoning because Infrared Heater can heat the materials from surface to the core simultaneously and it can completely cook the material.
 You can use the frying oil relatively a long time because the speed of oxidation of the frying oil is relatively slower by using the method of the lower temperature frying. Moreover, you can expect more better working environments because of reducing amount of the oxidation gas.
 The machine has a device which can discharge pieces of dough and flour etc automatically which can be separated while the materials are being cooked.
 It is very easy to clean the machine. You can discharge the used frying oils through the bottom tank and you can lift up the conveyor and heater.
 It is required only one person to operate this machine. The operator can cook relatively a big amount of material consecutively and provide fresh taste of fried foods, so it is greatly suitable for large size group meal restaurants to use this machine.


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