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Management Philosophy

We respect each other and pursue technological
innovation that builds customer trust.

Respect for Humanity

A company that respects itself and elicits the respect of others under the proposition that the company's greatest asset is its people.

Customer Oriented

A company that listens to customers and always keeps its promises to customers.

Technological Innovation

A company that pursues positive change by always implementing innovation based on creative and specialized knowledge.

CEO Greetings

chamcoo ceo
CHAMCO CHUNGHA leads independent innovation that creates a better tomorrow

Co., Ltd. is a global food processing machinery company that was founded in 1995 and manufactures advanced food processing machinery with its own technology and supplies it to the world, mainly to developed countries such as Japan, Europe, and the United States.

Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells more than 150 machines for pretreatment and food processing of aquatic products, agricultural products, and livestock, as well as packaging machines, in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. These machines are essential for automating food processing plants and building smart factories.

The HMR and delivery food industries are growing rapidly due to the increase in one- and two-person households, and the health food, hospital food, and silver food industries are growing as new markets due to the preference for healthy food and the increase in the elderly population, so we are also taking the lead in developing and distributing machines necessary for new industries.

We have accumulated a wide range of know-how from pretreatment of agricultural, fishery, and livestock products to HMR food processing and packaging, and we provide various information and design services free of charge to build a line that meets the needs of our customers.

Our employees will do their best to contribute to your business by leading research and development in advance of customer needs.

Thank you.


Company Motto

  • Challenge

  • Customer

  • Innovation

Company Information

  • Company Name


  • Founding date

    December 5, 1995

  • CEO

    Jeong Seok-bong

  • Capitalization

    200 million won

  • Credit Rating